KISSAN Peanut Butter 350 g


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Kissan peanut butter creamy with 100% real peanuts handpicked from the farms, is a rich source of protein. The ideal option for mothers looking for protein based food for their child. The product has no added colours and flavours. There is no preservative in our peanut butter. 1 serve of Kissan peanut butter (30g) has as much quantity of protein as 1 glass (200ml) of cow’s milk. Kissan peanut butter, with 100% real peanuts handpicked from the farms of Gujarat, is a rich source of protein.Kissan peanut butter, which is made with 100% real peanuts from the farms of India, is a rich source of protein and good fats. With protein constituting 25% of peanut butter, it is one of the richest plant-based protein sources available. In fact, protein content in Kissan peanut butter is higher than that present in egg, milk, dal, poultry and fish per 100g. Known as the nutrient that is the “building block of the body”/nutrient that “builds us”, protein is very important for growth and development of children building muscles & strong bones, body repair & recovery- all of which helps keep our body strong from within. Additionally, protein is required for the formation of hormones, enzymes and a wide variety of other biologically important substances such as antibodies and haemoglobin. These are functions we can benefit from Now more than ever. So go ahead and enjoy the goodness of peanut protein with Kissan peanut butter.

KISSAN Peanut Butter 350 g

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